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We speak Russian… native Russian!



ARC·TV is a privately owned dubbing studio founded in 2005. We are providing localization of movies, series, documentaries, video games, mobile content, etc.


For us it’s not only work but rather a special art. It’s easy to ruin a great program or a movie with bad dubbing. But sometimes a quite average live action or an ordinary text can be improved by high quality translation and dubbing. This is our goal. A documentary or a computer game – after our work is finished, we love watching our movies and playing our games.


Our translators not only translate texts – they catch the spirit and interpret it. All of them have deep knowledge of present-day Russian so the result of their work is excellent Russian language and not loan translation.


Our actors not only read the texts in a trained voice but do what they usually do on stage – they act a part. They are talented actors so they act in a way that the viewer follows the story and doesn’t fall asleep or start asking himself “what it could mean”. Our editors and digital artists not only adapt the material for Russian eyes and ears – they do it in a way that the viewer forgets about its foreign origin.


And the high quality of the technical equipment in our studio gives us the possibility not to get distracted from creative work. In a word, we enjoy our work - for you to enjoy the result.


Our address:

ARC·TV, Argunovskaya Street, 3, bld.1
129075, Moscow, Russia
tel: +7 916 602 1932
fax: +7 495 956 6179