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…What are we here for?



We localize media products. What does it mean? In short – everything. The whole process from the beginning to the end. We take finished material in foreign language and give it back also finished – but in Russian.


- We translate the material,

- perform the casting,

- make the recording and mixing,

- add the subtitles,

- make graphics...


...and everything necessary to provide the client with a flawless product.

We can even put it into gift wrapping but it wasn’t necessary so far. We believe that the most beautiful thing should be inside – namely the professional quality at a very high level. That’s why we handle with care every little sound and every letter on screen as if it were the most important point.


Attention to tiny details – that’s what makes us different from the others. We are not eager to the quantity, we concentrate on quality. And the quantity comes by itself.


And we don't have to mention that every foreign client gets a personal manager who speaks fluent English.


Our address:

ARC·TV, Argunovskaya Street, 3, bld.1
129075, Moscow, Russia
tel: +7 916 602 1932
fax: +7 495 956 6179