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Igor Cherenkov / CEO and Founding Partner


Igor has been working at television since 1991. His career path includes Vzglyad, VID, NTV, NTV-Plus from a video editor to chief director of NTV-Plus Sport Channels, in 2005 he has reached his lifework - founded ARC TV Dubbing Studio together with Maxim Malanchuk.


Maxim Malanchuk / Founding Partner


Maxim has been the one of two ARC TV Founding partners in 2005 together with Igor Cherenkov. He is one of the top-level professionals in Russian television business, he worked at NTV, TV-6, TVS, REN-TV. Maxim has been awarded by National TEFI Award for NTV programs “Glas Naroda”, “Itogi”, “Dachniki”. Maxim's efforts have been very important for bringing ARC TV to current market position.


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ARC·TV, Argunovskaya Street, 3, bld.1
129075, Moscow, Russia
tel: +7 916 602 1932
fax: +7 495 956 6179