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Who are all these people?



Modern studios, newest equipment, comfortable office – all of that can be brought to nothing by people, who can’t take the full advantage of that. And if we think about it you can be sure that we won’t let such people use our equipment. We employ only those who don’t need to provide a CV as they are well known professionals. Their reputation comes ahead of them – that’s how they are usually described.


So, who are we?


Igor Cherenkov / CEO and Founding Partner


Igor has been working at television since 1991. His career path includes Vzglyad, VID, NTV, NTV-Plus from a video editor to chief director of NTV-Plus Sport Channels, in 2005 he has founded ARC TV Dubbing Studio together with Maxim Malanchuk.



Natalia Solovieva / Senior Project Manager


Natalia has joined our team in 2008 as a Localisation specialist of Electronic Arts video games and then she became a Studio Co-ordinator. Since August 2010 Natalia is Chief Project Manager of ARC TV.


Nastya Bulay / Project Manager


Since 2007 Nastya manages localisation of National Geographic Channel, NatGeo Wild, NatGeo HD and Wild HD. NatGeo Russia broadcast ratings has been grown during last 3 years, in no small part of her high quality work as well as the work of the great actors such as Petr Tobilevich, Alexander Gavrilin, Igor Taradaikin, Alexander Rakhlenko.



Anna Mikhaltsova / Project Manager


Starting from October 2010 we localize Discovery Travel & Living, Animal Planet, TLC and Anna manages this very important project. She used to work for one of the best Moscow dubbing studios, SDI Media.


Anna Volk / Project Manager


Experienced editor and translator, Anna has been working with us since 2008, she has managed adaptation for TV Culture. Now Anna manages several projects - localization of the new outstanding channel Mini Movie and promos for National Geographic, Discovery, Viasat, Nickelodeon, AXN Sci-Fi, SET, Cartoon Network. 


Mikhail Druzhinin / Sound engineer


Mikhail's working experience lasts from 1999, from sports programs to dubbing of movies and animation. He has come to us from a competing studio.


Alexander Kanaev / Video editor


A talented young guy, who provides graphics localization for National Geographic Channel Russia since 2007. The result of his work is the beautiful pictures of the Channel.


Our address:

ARC·TV, Argunovskaya Street, 3, bld.1
129075, Moscow, Russia
tel: +7 916 602 1932
fax: +7 495 956 6179